Safe Woodburning

Safe woodburning - Prevent heating appliance and chimney fires

Some people consider wood burning units to be a very risky proposition for heating a home, yet for thousands of years these kinds of hearth equipment have been the main heating choice for people all over the world. The simplest answer is that fireplaces, woodstoves, and wood furnaces are very safe when installed and used properly and treated reasonably. The main difference between a wood stove or fireplace and a propane or oil heating unit  is the additional work required on the part of the operator. Since woodstoves and fireplaces do not usually have automatic safeguards of any kind, the operator must assume more knowledge and responsibility than would be necessary with other types of heating equipment. If you are unprepared to spend the time necessary to maintain your woodstove or fireplace, then perhaps a different heating method would be better suited to your needs.

The fire department is called upon to respond to many wood burning related fires each year. Many of these fires are cause by lack of maintenance. In other words cleaning the unit and chimney regularly and burning the wood properly.