BackYard Fire Pits and Appliances

The use of recreational outdoor fire pits are permitted for backyard use provided they are used safey and responsibly.

Residents are responsible for any damge to property caused buy the use of these units. This includes the smoke drifting to your neighbors property and entering their home. Residents who use outdoor fire pits also are responsible for the safety of young children around these appliances.

The only fuel permitted to be burned in outdoor fire place appliances is wood sized to fit the appliance or commercially available fireplace logs. The burning of any types of household garbage, rubber tires, flammable liquids, wiring, or any other type fuel is not permitted. The burning of any type of debris or waste is not permitted under section 12 of the Air Pollution Control Regulations, 2004.

  Those who live near or border wooded areas in town must adhere to the forest fire regulations which can be found here.